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"There Oughta Be a Law"

From Monte's blog:

As we get into packing up our stuff in earnest, the most difficult job so far has been packing up the board games. This is no small task in this house, as you can perhaps imagine. Is it really important that some boxes be really long and thin and others be short and fat? Packing them was like some sort of three-dimensional Tetris game that forced me to repack the boxes more than once after discovering some odd-shaped game that would only fit into a certain box toward the end of the process.

And while I'm on the subject, those publishers that decide to make their paperback books a quarter inch wider or longer than the standard book size so that your otherwise perfectly packed book-box is all screwed up should probably be thrown in jail. Or forced to go around the country to the houses of everyone that moves, ever, to help them pack their books.

I second that motion!

Books and games make up the lion's share of our packing for exactly the reasons Monte lists here.

And it doesn't stop at moving - we added a few new games to our list at GenCon this year, and had to play Tetris with a bookcase to get everything re-aligned.

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