This is Joshua Wehner's archaic Blog

As of about 15 minutes ago, the blog engine here is a brand new rewrite of what was before. The new system may not look much different on the surface, but it's all new underneath — and hopefully a lot easier to make gradual improvements, going …

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RubyEnRails Tidbits

I'm way too attention-deprived to "live blog" at a conference, so here's some of my notes transcribed from paper to the interwebs…

Zed Shaw's opener
  • Stop doing math demos as benchmarks – math's not the problem, IO is (talk to the database …

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Obscure Rails bug: respond_to format.any

I found an odd bug in Rails today. Odd, in the sense that it's not so much broken, as working in a way that's different than one would expect.

In a controller, one uses respond_to to present the appropriate response, as determined by the requested mimetype …

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RailsConfEurope, part 2

Better late than never, more of my thoughts on RailsConfEurope:

Cyndi Mitchell (ThoughtWorks) Keynote

The ThoughtWorks keynote was, by far, the most interesting use of the paid keynote slots. Cyndi Mitchell's talk was a little narrative about business …

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RailsConfEurope, part 1

RailsConfEurope was not only my first Rails conference (although I did go to 37signals "Building of Basecamp" workshop) but, actually, my first professional conference event ever. Here are some highlights, in roughly chronological order:

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